Top Printer Details

The top printer consists of 4 printing decks. Within the decks, each ink color is transferred from the ink fountain via a precision roller train to the printing plates. They, in turn, transfer the image to a common blanket that then reproduces the image on the carton’s top. The color-to-color register is exact, without variance.

Both the top and side printers utilize:

The impression roll tooling, located under the top printer, has removable shoes. A set of custom impression shoes is required for each different egg carton.

The dry offset printer has many advantages. By feeding all ink colors to a single cylinder, color registration is tightly controlled. This arrangement also makes for a very compact printer. Using a dry offset printer allows the inked plates to be further from the conveyor and the cartons, which helps to keep everything clean. Without question, dry offset printing provides fast, high quality printing.